Inflatables & Games

Bring laughter and smiles to event guests, young or old. All Eventioneers’ products are made with of highest quality vinyl to ensure guest comfort and safety.

Each unit differs in size, volume, and activity:

  • Jumping to Jousting
  • Baseball to Wrestling
  • Wet or Dry Slides

Call 412-325-0030 and Eventioneers will help you determine exactly how many inflatables and interactive games your event will require.

The Wave, Adventure Balloon Jumper and Steelers Jumper

Don’t forget the power!

If you’re setting up in a remote location,
you may want to rent one of our generators
to power your inflatables.

Dunk Tank

One of our most popular rentals, the dunk tank will transform your event into a carnival-like atmosphere. All you need to add is a willing participant to sit atop the plank and maybe bark out a jeering comment or two at players. Hit the bullseye target and soak the dunker! The dunk tank comes with several softballs and everything you need except for water!