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Food & Beverage

Imagine sipping on cool refreshments on a hot summer day. Conversation flows with laughter and enjoyment around our outdoor beverage equipment. Our equipment designed to provide a stable base for food & beverage service, while blending into your event unobtrusively, with a level of detail and quality that will set your event above the rest.The smell of popping popcorn, sweet cotton candy, and the refreshing feeling from an ice cold snow cone on a hot summer day will make for perfect memories. We only buy the highest quality, easiest to use and safest equipment available.

Our bar goes nearly anywhere on durable rolling casters. It provides a clean, full size drink preparation area for your bartender, complete with a bottle well, sink, cutting area, and arm-height full sized rail. Showcase drink offerings above and leave plenty of room to work below. Whether you’re serving wine, margaritas, martinis, beer, or your bartender’s best mixological concoctions, you’ll love this bar and your guests will, too. Add a kegerator to keep the keg cold and you’ll have a complete bar setup at any station.

Don’t forget the power!
If you’re going to be setting up in a remote location, you may want to rent one of our generators to power your accessories.